Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Am So Thankful...

I just gotta share the depth of gratitude I feel in my heart right now.

For anyone reading this who does not believe in the Power of God, please give Him a chance. Look not on the frailty of His people, but open your heart to His freedom. When you cross the threshold from religion to a relationship, you are blown away at how you managed to live life without God for so long.

I am nothing. I see that. Through the eyes of the world, I am a meaningless speck, floating in space, blindly searching for meaning in a harsh and cruel world. I may be one of the lucky people who obtain success and a mediocre happiness that will only maintain me until my death. Only filling my schedule with a barrage of pointless, or temporarily satisfying rituals will distract me from a longing that, day by day, gets deeper and deeper. But, life is nothing more than what I hold with my two hands, right?

In God. I am everything. I am whole. I am complete. I need nothing else outside of my Father, because not only am I satisfied, but I live in overflow. In abundance. Whatever God takes away from my life, I will never want or lack, because I am my finished, completed self in Him.

But, God always manages to give me so much more than I deserve or even what I need. I am so blessed with relationships that consistantly challenge and encourage me. I have an amazing family. God has allowed me to be sharpened/grow through my relationship with Victor, and also the ladies on my hall. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't meet some random person at Liberty that brightens my day. I exchange smiles with perfect strangers. I have full conversations with people standing in the line at the bookstore, or in the bathroom in between classes.

I am reminded on a consistent basis of my purpose and just how blessed I truly am.

Please, everyone.....take time out everyday to acknowledge the Love of God, that shows up in the smallest things in our everyday lives. He is constantly whispering to us how much He loves us, not just through preachers/teachers, but in the sunrise. In the innocence of a child. Even in the storm.

All praises to God.

I love ya'll. B Encouraged.