Sunday, December 30, 2007

Open Palms on a Blank Poetry Book. (Transition)

2008. Fast approaching.

::Deep breath::

This year has had its share of trials, more than I can count on both hands, actually. But, instead of droning on and on, listing each one, I will choose to list positive things that I have learned from them. My highest philosophy in life is that everything happens for a reason...

1. Always carry a pen/notebook with you. If inspiration ran track, it'd be a heck of a sprinter.

2. Place less and less emphasis on the word "blame". As a matter of fact, completely delete it from your vocabulary. Trust me, this word has never brought closure or healing to any situation.

3. Never take yourself too seriously, but always take what you stand for seriously. Many of us have it backwards.

4. Gossip is dangerous. Funny how everyone will save rebuke for other people and compliments for themselves.

5. Do what is right above what is enjoyable. If at all possible: DO BOTH AT ONCE.

6. You can never love cautiously. Love is never safe. To seek such a love is to rob yourself of the greatest adventure.

7. Religion will do none of us any good. But a Relationship will save you and even those you come in contact with. Jesus didn't die to be named after a religion, but to restore a relationship.

8. Ignore personal opinion. It changes to often, and you will die prematurely trying to please everyone.

9. Stretch yourself past your own expectations. God gave us wings as well as arms and legs.

10. Forgive. It is the most powerful resource we have.