Friday, January 11, 2008

D.N.A. (Definition of Natural Affection)

I love you.

...and with each sunrise I anxiously await to see how many sizes more my heart can grow.
...and with each sunset, I kiss the face of God; thanking Him for the pain that led me to you.

The question of if, in fact, you are my forever is irrelevant. If your stumbling, but heart-felt attempts are like the greatest love song, then I cannot begin to imagine what my Dear Heart's melody sounds like.

Together, I feel as though I am taking part in something spectacular. So, a whole, separate, and individualistic existence will only shy in comparison to the light that WE bring.


Testimony that beauty lies within an embrace. Intimacy is hidden inside a smile. And ecstasy is found between the tight crevices of intertwined fingers.

[Making a relationship into an idol cheapens the purpose it was given. ]

Representation. Pointing towards a bigger picture. Something that is too transcendent to notice with human eyes.

Decipher the code in

The stretch of the mouth and

The flush of the cheek.

Define the flicker

Light brings to the eye.

Explain why palpitations

Increase with touch.

Accomplish all

Of these things:

And you will




Look. See me. Notice our interaction. In the simplest and calmest of body language, but set out to slowly decipher the love language of God. A part of His Gift to us.

Hold me love. Look closely. Can you see His fingerprints?

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