Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Church of Oprah???

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  1. i knew i didn't like oprah. she never really sat well with me. and i know that she's done/did all of this for humanity, but in my opinion? The Color Purple was a long time ago.

    there is no way that you can convince me that she isn't sheisty now. anti-christ, i tell you.

  2. I don't think religion is debatable. No one has the true answer so what is the point in discussing it. Let everyone believe what they want to believe and when they die they will find out if the path they chose is correct.

    I don't think she should at all be using her notoriety to get people to think a certain way when it comes to religion just like I dont think people should follow scientology just because Tom Cruise does.

    I think people need to steer clear of religion and come to one with their own spirituality.

  3. @ Eb

    there is something about belief that cannot be 100%. if we were meant to know everything, faith would have no purpose.

    i, as a Christian, cannot use debate in order to show what Christianity is about...because it is MORE than facts.

    However, my problem with Oprah is that the only basis she has for discrediting Christianity is a misunderstanding of ONE preacher's words ("God is a jealous God.") and technical definitions of "believing" and "feeling".

    But saying that everyone is right is saying that no one is right.

    Keep commenting...

  4. hmm...i don't see how oprah's words were meant to discredit christianity...seems to me that she was just sharing her personal path away from it and engaging in dialogue that allows representation of other ways of thinking. i'm not a fan of hers, haven't watched her show in at least 10 years, but i think that her ideas are hers and she has the right to use her show to express them. folks don't like it, folks don't have to tune in, right? one of my biggest issues with some christians (NOT CHRISTIANITY, but the human beings that hold it dear) is the quickness with which judgement is made against people who choose to think differently. i don't know...it's just irritating.

  5. @ L-boogie:

    hey sis. thanks for coming thru!

    she has every right to state her opinion, yes, but there is a misrepresentation of scripture here. and the beginning of "her journey" is built upon a misunderstanding. that makes me further question things...

    ...and when it comes to spirituality, ignoring the beliefs of others doesn't make yours more credible. My intention wasn't to be critical, because I appreciate Oprah's philanthropic efforts, but as a representative of my faith, there were some things that she said about Christianity that were false.

    ...and that's when I'm obligated to speak.