Saturday, September 19, 2009

7 Months.19 days.13 hours.

I've reasoned around it, armed my heart with logic and understanding, and convinced myself countless times that our break from each other is healthy. Needed.
But I've sat and surveyed the past 7 months, 19 days, and 13 hours, and I've tried to make sense of a couple things:
  • Most things between us stayed the same, relationally.
  • Every time I bring up our relationship, you get tense and/or frustrated.
  • The night I attempted to discard all ties from you, you became distraught.
  • My love for you has grown since the day we decided to take a break.
  • Why exactly you continually need a break.
  • You're aware that you're hurting me, and yet you still do it.
In the event that we do get back together, what happens then?
We can change our FB status back to "In a relationship"....but, what else? We won't hang out more often than we do heart will still thump ferociously when you mind will still go to the moon when you hug me or touch me.

What am I doing?
What should I do?

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