Monday, March 5, 2007

The Origin of My Screename...(My Introduction)


#1. "I"

I believe the biggest crisis in today's society is that of Self-Identity. Most people would say that spending too much time thinking of yourself will never benefit anyone else...but I must say that until you find out who you are, you are of no help to anyone else. The first thing God did upon creation of Man, was provide him with an identity; a purpose for being created. Until one finds purpose, you are dead.

#2. "Am"

This is a very powerful word to me. Our culture is driven by stereotypes. They attempt to define me by my color, my bodytype, my academic progress, etc, etc. I was born into classifications...but somewhere along the line I decided to silence the mouths of my oppressors. When I say "I Am"...walls break.

#3. "Spoken"

There is life and death in the tongue. Dreams begin in the heart, but there is something powerful about becoming brave enough to voice them. There is no turning back once you've passed this step. You cannot take back what you may ask forgiveness, but the act has been comitted. When God created the universe (with the exception of man), he "spoke" it into existance. So, God has given me that same take life and to speak life into a situation; making it so, or making it cease. (Not physically, but spiritually) BE CAREFUL WHAT U LET COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.

#4. "Word"

This is twofold....First, I believe in the unfalliable word of God. The Bible, is more than a dead, ancient piece of theological literature that holds more historic value than it does relevance to modern times. It tells me everything I need to know about anything worth knowing.

Secondly, I think that words are vessels for truth. We are unlike the animals in many particular way is that we use words, instead of mere consistant sounds. Why is that? Coincidence? Because words bring power. As well as rage, hatred, love, encouragement, and affirmation.

God has given me a stewardship over words....



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  1. Hmmm. I smell a re-awakening with this one. Or re-definition. Actually, just looking at it, there are so many ways that it can go, and I urge you to do like The Roots and "take it there".