Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The God Complex (And Things Surrounding)

It's funny how quickly people forget where they've come from. We, as a people, and as a humanity, did not create ourselves, but suddenly we live as though we have always been. Not only that, but we sadly live as though we have no eventual end.

We rule over others like we ourselves weren't once slaves.

I see my people with fat pockets, but still demanding a hand out, simply because they feel it is owed to them. Reparations are not the answer. Complaining is not the answer. Many have died for us to have a voice. When it's your time to speak up, what will you say?

We consume our natural resources as if it can be replenished by our own two hands.

The more we rape our women, the more women/men are born infertile.

The more we want total control over our own existence, children are born addicted to heroine, 3 year olds are shot by stray bullets, pastors are touching young boys, schools will see more casualties than war, and more and more faceless teenagers will lose hope.

The more we hate each other, the more carnage and violence will be the norm in our neighborhoods.

We expect violence to bring our homes peace. Not so. And we are so deceived. [NOTE: I support our troops. Period.] We expect the effects of over 400 years of slavery to be forgotten and undone in less than half the time. The sins of the father will visit generations to come...Just like I am dealing with my father's unseen hatred inside of me; my white brothers/sisters must face their father's sins also. We must share the responsibility as Americans.

We sing songs to this land, with its purple mountains majesty, forgetting the blood that was shed that helped make the hills as lush as they are. We boast in our present achievements, in our vast armies, and our glory days of war, never realizing we must pay for our injustice.

Our "divine" attitudes and shifty laws are making re-entrance into our lives.

We've forgotten our God, and cry out that He's forgotten us. We are forgetting Him. We are attempting to erase His presence from our schools, from our monetary values ("In God We Trust"), and even from our churches.

I believe the expression says something about chickens and roosting?

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