Saturday, March 17, 2007

Money Over B*tch*s (READ)...Hip Hop Slang Part One

Even if Nas, Talib, and KRS-One dropped 4 albums a year, people still wouldn't learn the lessons in their bars. We will still continue to indulge in the self-destructive behavior that is keeping us from accomplishing on a community level. Few make it out, but most keep the mentality of poverty in order to maintain street credibility.

Hip hop, sadly, is slowly moving from the streets, courtrooms, and classrooms, and into the club. This is the reason why people get weary of conscious hip hop...we sound like broken records because no one seems to be listening. What are we listening to? you ask...Let's take the slang that young adults and teenagers seem to have adopted as their religion:

"Money over b*tch*s".

I'm not going to take a purely feminist role on this one, so I'll simply say this: the only way to advance in life is through knowledge, because when you die, the only people that will care about how much money you had, plan to inherit some of it. Most black people were forced to overlook education simply because it wasn't an option, and it was only to meet basic needs.This message teaches us, not ambition, but greed and self-absorption.

Then there is the ongoing battle of the word "b*tch" in the hip hop culture. It's referred to a weak man at times, but mostly used towards women. Look at this equation:
Woman is to B*tch = African American is to Nigger

It is amazing how similar they are (if they could fit the description of you). Both are oppressive forms of slang used, 99% of the time, to demean and slander, and NOT to make a proper judgment. I don't feel that using nigger (or nigga) is appropriate in any situation, and I feel that b*tch is either. Simply because a young man might adopt the same mindset that white people growing up adopted, that most, if not ALL women (black people) are b*tch*s (niggers).

Malcolm X said "I taught brothers not only to deal unintelligently with the devil or the White woman, but I also taught many brothers to spit acid at the sisters. They were kept in their places — you probably didn't notice this in action, but it is a fact. I taught these brothers to spit acid at the sisters. I taught the brothers that the sisters were standing in their way . I did these things brother. I must undo them."

But excuse me.....all hail the King of Crunk.

Friday, March 9, 2007

What It's Like To Date ME..(G'Head & Read)

For those of you who were wondering, take these into consideration.

And for those of you who know already, reflect and laugh. no particular order...

1. Your actions are so loud that I cannot hear what you say. It doesn't matter how much you tell me you care, or how awesome a person I am, I pay the most attention to your actions.

..O. And I pay VERY close attention. To basically everything. Especially little things. Now, that can either be in your favor, or set you back a little. That means I appreciate small doses of affection. (ie: a note slipped in my purse, unexpected act of service, asking my opinion on something personal)

2. I do not trust easily...and might slip into a relapse every now and then if I feel threatened. This is a battle I fight daily since childhood, so you will have to either be patient or I will be extremely annoying. I am not the jealous type, but I have a sixth sense for detecting dishonesty. So, I am really light-hearted until you give me a reason not to be. If you still connect with your recent exes on a regular basis....I have a problem with that. If you have more female friends than male friends...I have a problem with that. If you used to be a dog or even a habitual flirt...DEAL WITH THAT before you want to get serious with me. I have no problem aborting a relationship if I don't trust you with my emotions and time. I promise you will never have any opportunities to second guess my faithfulness.

3. I am very sensual. Mind you, I did NOT say sexual. Personal/spiritual choices I make daily causes me to emphasize other forms of connection. Physical closeness is the most basic, elementary form of intimacy; thereby it being the most trivial and OVERemphasized. I demand intimacy. I require it. You need to give me something to distinct and seperate you from my male friends. If you are my man, you must love deep. Because I love deep.

4. I am very intelligent. (ha) I did NOT say smart. I don't require high SAT scores and GPAs. Realize that intelligence and simply being "smart" are two different things. I need 'mind sex'. Conversation is crucial. I love to talk, discuss, debate, and even argue. If you can't keep up...then we have a problem.

5. My tall stature (6 feet) does not reflect my personality at all. I am not dominating, or loud, or bold, or demanding. I have been called a gentle giant. I am a leader in some circles, but in the relationship I need a strong man. I respect the roles men are needed to play and I will support you, if I feel you believe in yourself, as a man. I am very capable of picking out the restaurant, but its nice to hear YOUR choice sometimes.

6. I am a great listener, not just a great talker. I love it when my man confides in me. It shows trust. That's a good way to build trust, I think. A man will love a woman that he can trust with his heart.

7. I need respect. No...I deserve it. If you clown a part of my lifestyle or my personality, then I feel disrespected. (If I know you're joking ...that's one thing.) And I will retaliate. Trust me, I am not a happy person when I feel threatened or disrespected. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, right?

8. I like being right. Don't argue with me unless you have a good arguement. I hate having conversations with people who cannot convey their point clearly. Cavemen need not apply.

9. I am sensitive. I will cry in front of you.

10. I am a handful. I may get too emotional, moody, and analytical. You need to be able to handle me. I can be manipulative, so be discerning.

11. Most importantly I think out of this list. I am a born again, Bible branded, Unashamed believer of Jesus Christ. If you aren't accepting of this...don't bother attempting to get to know me, because this is the best part of me. If you cultivate this area, as I am cultivating yours, then all is well.

...this isn't all. But all you can handle at the moment. Gotta leave a little mystery...

Monday, March 5, 2007

The Origin of My Screename...(My Introduction)


#1. "I"

I believe the biggest crisis in today's society is that of Self-Identity. Most people would say that spending too much time thinking of yourself will never benefit anyone else...but I must say that until you find out who you are, you are of no help to anyone else. The first thing God did upon creation of Man, was provide him with an identity; a purpose for being created. Until one finds purpose, you are dead.

#2. "Am"

This is a very powerful word to me. Our culture is driven by stereotypes. They attempt to define me by my color, my bodytype, my academic progress, etc, etc. I was born into classifications...but somewhere along the line I decided to silence the mouths of my oppressors. When I say "I Am"...walls break.

#3. "Spoken"

There is life and death in the tongue. Dreams begin in the heart, but there is something powerful about becoming brave enough to voice them. There is no turning back once you've passed this step. You cannot take back what you may ask forgiveness, but the act has been comitted. When God created the universe (with the exception of man), he "spoke" it into existance. So, God has given me that same take life and to speak life into a situation; making it so, or making it cease. (Not physically, but spiritually) BE CAREFUL WHAT U LET COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.

#4. "Word"

This is twofold....First, I believe in the unfalliable word of God. The Bible, is more than a dead, ancient piece of theological literature that holds more historic value than it does relevance to modern times. It tells me everything I need to know about anything worth knowing.

Secondly, I think that words are vessels for truth. We are unlike the animals in many particular way is that we use words, instead of mere consistant sounds. Why is that? Coincidence? Because words bring power. As well as rage, hatred, love, encouragement, and affirmation.

God has given me a stewardship over words....