Monday, September 6, 2010


There is a significance that hides within the order of the seasons. Fall was not meant to preceed Spring, nor was Winter supposed to come before Summer. Each transition from one season to the next has scientific and inherent meaning.

The comfort and replenishment of Spring is not meant to last forever, lest the plants be overgrown or the earth be drowned by rain. Likewise, Winter is the necessary length to cease all things, even to the point of death. However, there is the moment when the first budding plant breaks through the melting snow...which is a sign that change is approaching. The seasons are regulated without the influence of man; showing the imminence of our God, who knows and controls all things. Just as we adjust our clothing according to season, we must also submit our lives to the seasons the Lord takes us through. In times of flourishing and in times of famine.

God never promised a continuous summer, but he asks us to stand on His loyalty and long-suffering. Rest your heart with the Sustainer of the Season and not the seasons themselves. Whether you are blinded by the glorious cloudless sky or beaten down by the tumultuous rain, peer beyond and see the Father...who remains Unmoved.


  1. I honestly believe that only you can write such a post, where you make sense of things which sometimes escape us all. After reading, I only want to do one thing and one thing only.

    Rest my heart.

    Cause I know that He is coming. I might not fair well in The End. But the ones who walk that straight and narrow path will. And, as a human being, I am good with that.

    Good stuff, B.

  2. @ Don: Keep on resting. I'm right there with you!