Monday, September 13, 2010

And One For All...

Love is the most beautiful gift that God affords humanity this side of heaven. It can be tangibly seen, touched, and affect every area of your life…many times without your permission. Rarely, you will have the object of your affection in front of you, and you’re afforded the great privilege of expressing exactly what’s on your heart to them. You are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in sync with another human being and are immediately (if only momentarily) able to understand why God surrounds you with people so unlike but identical to yourself. To be one of two hearts in a consistent exchange of positive regard and unconditional care. And it is beautiful because it feels right and familiar somehow…

But what of those moments where things have gotten so out of control that we look around and wonder how Love became a catalyst for such unrest and pain? What is the answer when men overstep their commitment barriers or when a woman abuses her lover’s trust? What of the victims of gossip, manipulation, and one-sided friendships? The heart that always gives but never receives anything in return…where can love be naturally applied? I am a living, breathing testimony that Jesus is the source for all healing when you’ve suffered heartache at the hands of those you love. He is truly all you need. However, what are we commanded to do with the deep, God-given, inner desire for camaraderie and acceptance? Are we to generalize our dependence on the Father by disconnecting with each other? Or is it that a part of our communion with the Father is directly connected to our bond with each other?

Even before the Fall, God declared that it’s “incomplete” that man is alone. Adam had God all to himself…and even still he was incomplete. Not quite finished. Loved and the most precious part of His creation, but still lacking an important element: a companion. Someone like him, but unique enough to exist as a separate person. Why did God take out a part of an incomplete man (his rib) to make him complete? I feel that He wants us to remember that we weren’t always separated.

I’m thinking that forgiveness and trust is not only for the wounded heart, nor for the transgressor, but for the bond broken. For the good of us all, and not just individuals. The moment I become especially distant from the hearts that divinely pump life around me, the more the voice of my own self-interest drowns out the gentle whisper of our Lord. Love can be horrible. Confusing. And the ultimate test of our lives designed to connect us deeper and stronger to each other, and ultimately, to God the Father. I am not proposing that walking away should never be an option, but we should never forget that we are human beings. And we need each other.


  1. Well written. I think that our prblm is that sometimes we don't know how 2 love. We connect love with happiness not realizing that the father chooses to love us inspite of. Love is eternal it has no stipulations or conditions it just exist within the concept of life. Great Post!

  2. It is seldom where I will come across a blog post where the writer and I are on the same vibe. For the most part, it is because I am usually on a vibe that others find it hard to sink their feet in. But this appears to be the case as I read your excellent post. If only I could write like you and convey thought in the eloquent manner in which you do.

    Not sure if the post is a personal read but, if so, I will go ahead and say that I truly believe that God hands his hands firmly upon your life. So you should never ever worry about anything.

    Your heart desire is His wish and command. I honest to God believe such. To touch upon one of your questions: I am under the belief that it is impossible to shy away from God (therefore, disconnecting with another) when His divine presence is everywhere, at all times.

    If that makes sense...

  3. @ Champ: You're right...Love exists. Realizing how to submit to it is the journey of life. Thanks for reading!

    @ Don: HI!! lol
    Thanks for your affirming words. So true! God is everywhere...and I feel like much of what we do, negative or not, is our way of struggling back to God. The way it was in the Beginning. If we choose to ignore it or deny its source as God, that's where it gets dysfunctional. :(