Thursday, October 7, 2010


So, in case you missed it. I'm 25 now (have been for almost a month lol). 
My current, constant mood is peaceful. I've never stressed LESS before in my whole life. Yes, I was a fearful, worrisome child. But I'm starting to snuggle up next to my own psyche and finding contentment with who I am...even though I'm still in the process of painting that picture. The brush isn't in my hands anyway, so I might as well have some sense of joy. 
...yeah, I guess that's it. I have joy.
I am imperfect, but I'm accepted and affirmed. Just as I am.
This Unconditional Love actually drives me to grow.
Fear and pressure never does anyone any good. Let people be who they are,
and they may become more than you expect.

God bless reader. There's more to come...don't worry. :)


  1. Gud 4 show. So like you are n a great place rt now. Congrats!

  2. Happy birthday! Seems like you're learning and growing already...

  3. wow that was beautifully poetic. I'm trying to find that inner peace myself. Happy Belated Birthday

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