Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Break

  1. I performed at George Mason University. Shared the stage with people who hated Christians and thinks the Bible is a joke. Left with their respect and understanding of our differing views. Had a blast. 
  2. Left the Liberty/Lynchburg bubble. Hallelujah.
  3. Laughed more than I ever have in a very long time...
  4. Didn't drink, smoke, or go to a club. And still had the time of my life.
  5. Was encouraged and blessed.
  6. Shopped.
  7. Slept.
  8. Spent a whole day in DC, where I ate an out-of-this-world lunch at my favorite spot (Busboy's and Poets) and went to the Holocaust Museum. I've never had my heart broken over my own humanity so many times over the course of 2 hours before.
  9. Shopped.
  10. Took tons of pictures.
  11. Played outside of my comfort zone. New comfort zone established.
  12. Heard dope new music...including an unnamed college jazz group who had voices that left me breathless.
  13. Navigated the DC Metro system without any help. :)
  14. Ate my first Five Guys burger. Soooo good, but will be going to the gym frequently for the next few weeks.
My gem of DC....

Me sitting outside the Smithsonian Information Center...

Me outside of a building on 13th street (I think it It's Colombian art...
Taken before going into the Holocaust Museum...the Department of Agriculture reflecting off of the window...


  1. Glad to enjoyed your visit here :) Five Guys is good but my fav of ALL time is still Ben's Chili Bowl :)...I love BusBoys and poets as well...I need to start going back to their open mic nights... I agree, the Holocaust Musem is heart breaking

  2. Sounds like u had a blast which is always a gud thng. I need to take a trip back down 2 my hometown....I miss D.C.

  3. i'm still glad as heck that you had such a great time. you deserve it...and more...