Thursday, September 4, 2008

Since When?.....(September Edition)


Since when did Neo-Soul front man Musiq Soulchild pattern his music after Lloyd and Usher?

I am sorely disappointed in this track. I own every album of Musiq's and, unlike this single, he didn't come close to using the words "aye" and "fresh".....whattheworld?????

It seems no genre is safe from the green-hued influence of mainstream. I guess Musiq got tired of his subtle status and decided to make something for the kids. I thought that he was above self-promotion and possessed conviction about the music he creates....silly me....
After watching it the first time...this video is truly upsetting. Second time around, my ears naturally place him into the category of the likes of Usher. Possessing nothing more than marketability. An entertainer.

But someone that I wouldn't pay $100 for a concert ticket.

Next up: Summer 2009 tour with Solider Boy.


  1. I cannot see the video, but I am willing to bet everything that you are talking about the song that sounds like Jeezy and Usher. Mannn, I said the same thing when I heard it - I'm like, 'Why dude playing himself out like that.'

    I'm a former resident of Stone Mountain, GA. and my homeboy said that's the only way they'd probably play Musiq Soulchild on the radio, down in Crunk City.

    Damn. LOL.

  2. i read an article (forgot where) about how dude said he loves this kind of music and doesn't see anything wrong with it (being a new resident of atl). it's not bad musically basically. i'm not knocking him entirely but if he transitioned just to go mainstream and get a hit then... YOU WACK SON!!!

  3. I am NOT feeling this sound at all from him... at all... I understand every once in a while an artist wants to reinvent himself but if it aint broke dont try to fix it