Sunday, July 27, 2008

Get.A.Way. [Find.A.Way.]

I got the sudden urge to run away today.

Faced with one too many tragic stories of homicide & destitution. Emotional slavery & utter hopelessness. Tired of watching the news. Sick of irresponsible hands carrying the wealth of the world. Weary of things "just being the way they are".

It's not that my problems and issues are so overwhelming that I'd rather flee than's just that today my mind entertained the notion of a life somewhere other than here. And I wondered what it would feel like...

I would breathe.
Embrace the ability to pause & appreciate the clean air go in. and out of my body.
Thanking God for this invisible gift that we exhaust so frivolously.
Literally thanking Him for life.
Giving no thought to a day when the last tree will die.
How would this feel?

I would love.
Openly and fiercely. Without one ounce of apprehension or regard to the word "consequence".
Deplete myself into my love's frame like I was girded to since Creation.
...No one knows of the condom, rape, or AIDS here.
Sex is as holy and as free as God.
So I thank Him & caress the healthy, pink cheek of my newborn son.
How would this feel?

I would smile.
Open-mouth grin at my neighbor. And she would beam with a warmth so genuine it widens my smile.
But kindness is so natural here...we have no need for many words.
I notice the sun's rays as it reflects off of her skin. I marvel. The color of warm milk it is.
I see the beauty in her own hue & she embraces it in mine.
We two free from all unspoken bias & our history of segregation.
...because there is so much that we share: I embody her.
How would this feel?

To run my hands into the earth...
...and not argue over its age or war over its contents.
To worship the Creator with my life...
...without Man's disclosure to serve him first.
To hear Love clearly...
...because the voice of Hate is too faint to make out...


  1. Well, well, well. This is what I'm talking about. I like this blog and the whole vacation-in-aruba vibe i'm getting. i'd love to see more like this.

    what would that world look like? and what would it take to get there? it would be quite a venture to turn this world into that place...or at least our own little piece of it...

  2. Another great creation, indeed. How do you and n.steven do that? LOL. I'm always impressed @ not only the prose itself but the substance which runs deep within every stanza.

    Y'all are unique. Very.