Friday, July 25, 2008

Since When?....(July Edition)

1st, watch this video...

My question is:
Since when does being from the streets mean you have to act all rude? And since when does being "real" give you the right to talk to people, especially the public, in whatever manner you think is necessary?

I feel sorry for this young sister because she is undoubtedly creating a negative reputation for herself; meanwhile burning a lot of bridges. She forgot that there are a lot of people that helped her achieve her minimal amount of fame. (Which by the way, fame that is grounded in beef and controversy is destined to come and go.) She keeps going off on fans, other artists, and media moguls...but she's unknowingly writing a huge R.I.P on her career. No one takes her seriously.
Plus, she, along with Trina, Remy Ma, Foxxy Brown, Lil Kim are setting future Female Emcees back. That's my real problem. Absolutely NO respect for the industry or the people who paid dues so that you can even pick up a mic.

Example: Khia openly dissed Janet Jackson, who most graciously featured her on her newest album Discipline. She actually said that Janet isn't relevant anymore and that there is no comparison between their two careers. IS SHE SERIOUS?!!!

Since when does one hit back in 2002, another in 2005, and current controversy count you worthy to be in the same category with a woman who's been making platinum records since the 80s???

She is an embarrassment to the hood & to the industry. She's even an embarrassment to dirty south rap.


  1. Oh my, she said she was from Philly... IDK why, but I always thought florida... tis what it is... but she's wild... you said it right... she;s destined to flop... shame

  2. y'know, you were right. i couldn't finish watching it.

    this is what happens when you give idiots microphones.

    somebody's gonna gunn her. seriously, Jean Grae is about to drop a nuke on Khia's lame rep. and it shall be beautiful.

  3. Lol & smh. While my response should be more constructive, that is really all I can muster. I think if I try to and tap into my thoughts for a detailed retort about this young lady, her disposition, and her artwork, I'd blow a gasket.

  4. @ cool kidd cann:
    thanks for stopping through. its always good to see a new face. i raised an eyebrow when she said she was from philly. i will bet a stripper's wage that no one from philly even knows who she is.

    i told you. and i will put in a request to the big man upstairs (KRS...not - j/k) for Jean Grae to tear this chick a new one. ::mean mug::

    @choir boy:
    i wouldn't waste one of your intelligent, well-thought out responses on this post. it was mainly a rant/vent to keep me from performing a drive-by on lil' john's apartment complex. it's beginning to be too much.