Thursday, July 10, 2008

Amazing Grace: Just the Black Notes...

This brought tears to my eyes...feel free to comment.

My personal comments:
The words to this well known song speaks louder to me than ever before. The grace of God is for us all. Black and white. Victim and oppressor. Free and slave.


  1. Wow...

    Is it safe to say Mr. Newton was a thief? Nah, just kidding. He isn't. That's really moving though. He actually adapted the song from a Negro spiritual. Learning that only leads me to believe that a lot of things were adapted, adopted, and innovated because of creations and culture of our ancestors who were indigenous to the continent of Africa.

    But that's the beauty of diversity. I think God put all these people different kinds of people on this Earth not so that we would be distinguished via race or geographical location, but so that we could adapt, adopt and innovate through one another....just like John did.

  2. @ Choir Boy:

    My thoughts exactly...who knows what other integral threads in the fabric of American culture was inspired by Africa & the natives that once inhabited it...

    When we were physically oppressed, what other ideas/theories were taken from us without our consent and without our accolade?
    In the light of eternity, none that really matters, but it does make you think...