Friday, October 3, 2008


They call us idiots.
Loud, disrespectful, and unintelligent.
Lazy, greedy, and unambitious.
Thieves with large, plump lips that greedily scarf down watermelon and fried chicken.
Who's sole purpose is to entertain and to be obedient.
We are only allowed to sing or dance...and then clean up after the show is done.
We have thick, flattering shapes to be used and abused whenever.
Our nature is not beautiful. Our culture is not sacred.
It is the butt of every joke. The punchline of every satire.
The source of their amusement.
...I am told to let it go...
Because Blackface no longer exists.

So tell me, when a white girl looks at me, smiles, and says "Whaddup, dog?" How am I supposed to feel?
When I see pictures like THIS....does my frustration ease?

When films like "Soul Plane", "Pooty Tang", and "Booty Call" become the most popular (and loudest) tributes to the Black culture in America...someone tell me

How the heck am I supposed to feel?


  1. I like your profile. Jesus is the way.

  2. no lie, that stuff really pisses me off to a degree that usually lays dormant. my angry side would want to start by slapping fools in the teeth, but such a response wouldn't warrant a productive outcome.

    honestly, i fear that there is no answer. you are justified in your anger, but in the same vein...don't let it blind/inhibit you from teach and posing an opposition.

  3. yep, they willl reap what they sow - belive that

  4. Nothing burns me up like seeing the ignorance betrayed whenever it comes to black face. I mean, it's almost as if 'they' don't understand the great amount of insult being represented.

    Of course they do.

  5. oh wow. that picture is... man, I don't even have words.

    but really, the only way to counter this level of ignorance is by not resorting to the stereotype and rising above; help perpetuate the truths of the culture and not the media-made image that many believe is the truth.

  6. Wow.
    That picture is unbearably offensive.

    Who ever says let it go, has never experienced being the shunned minority in any circumstance. Don't ever let it go...

    Live above it's filthy image.


  7. this just turned my stomach. ugh.

    i don't even understand how one can tell anyone whose struggle they haven't experienced to 'let it go'.