Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A very disheartening fact about Americans is that we crave drama.
More specifically: Young Americans.
We aren't satisfied unless we are rallying for, protesting against, or stirring up some sort of meaningless, yet personally significant episode. And I am amazed at how easily things "pop off".
Whether it be through a phone call or the infamous Facebook note/wall post/posted item, we have a sick fetish towards disagreement. Point blank, Americans, and human beings for that matter, are not naturally prone towards harmony.

In fact, I gather that whenever possible, we would rather divide. Especially against our own kind. We seek to specify a new club or denomination or ideal to suit our tendency to follow fads. And not for real change, mind you. Simply to be disagreeable.
Confused? Let me explain...

There is one race, theoretically: the Human Race.
Because of environmental/genetic factors, skin shades differentiated and with a hearty cue from society and the Tower of Babel...races/languages were made. Because of envy and greed (not to mention population surges), there wasn't enough room for humans to live in one place, so they sought to find other land. It became a competition and a source for war and carnage.

A culture became established by the amount of land that they ruled over.
Fast forward century's upon century's later, and a group of guys on a ship called the Mayflower decide to "bargain" this huge continent off of some natives. As more and more various people groups migrate (whether by choice or by force) to America, the more categorized America became. As the US grew older, diversity flourished. But racism and prejudice grew, also. We are no longer known by just our skin color. We have shade discrepancies between races (i.e. African Americans). There are socioeconomic divides. There are social divides. Political divisions.

While these categories are supposed to provide uniqueness and choice for Americans, they actually give us more reasons to dislike each other.

Getting back to my point: Disharmony. It is in our nature. We have a tendency to complain, and not just simply change and evolve. Chaos is the best way to get our attention. Maybe that's why God allows the world to be like it is...Maybe it's why He doesn't intervene in most cases. We look for Him more often in times of darkness, right? But I'm getting off track again.

I believe if Disharmony had a mode of transportation, it would be Gossip. Take inventory, if you will, at the minutes we spend on the phone with friends/loved ones. The large majority of those minutes are spent gossiping. I don't mean giving information with the sole intent to inform...I mean an exchange of dialogue that seeks to draw one's own personal conclusions about a matter.

Idle talk, basically.

Discussing other people, meanwhile tearing them down, speaking of people in a manner that requires a defense. Holding a verbal trial and simultaneously declaring them guilty.

It is meaningless and is, 90% of the time, false. It's false because it is usually a regurgitation of previously passed down information. And just like regurgitated food loses the original amount of nutrients, gossip lacks the complete knowledge of a situation.

And we are so hypocritical. We will be quick to defend our privacy but freely discuss the circumstances and character of other people. Anyone who has been the victim of a vicious rumor knows that it is quite difficult to bounce back from it.

The saddest thing is though (going back to my original thought), most of us fall into gossip by listening to it, and not spreading it. Its easier to listen to gossip than it is to spread it. Why do we sit and listen to it?? Because a part of us likes that someone else is having a hard time. Mostly because it takes our minds (not to mention the minds of others) off our own mistakes. We can finally take the righteous role! [And man...does it ever feel good.] In rare instances are we hurt by hearing gossip. Nevertheless, we enjoy the shock. And we rejoice in it.

"Love doesn't not rejoice in evil..but rejoices in the truth."

We don't know the first thing about love...

That's why gossip is so lethal. Because it is enticing.
So beware. And keep your mouth shut for a change.

Proverbs 17:28
Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent,
and discerning if he holds his tongue.


  1. So many are unsatisfied in themselves, it is easier to identify with others who have complaints... To get together and talk about those with worse complaints.

    It does suck.
    It's like we feel uncomfortable with the feeling Love gives our heart.

    We'd rather hate or have distaste for people who are doing better than us. Rather than rejoice in their successes. We'd rather talk about the woman at work who we know is being abused by her man. Rather than be a friend to her and have the rest of our colleagues look at us crazy.

    We are motivated by our short comings to wallow in them, rather than work to repair them.

    It sucks. Its true and its one of those things that you can only work on from inside you.


  2. I waited for this post for i don't know how long, but it was well worth it. I loved it girl! I get my daily dose of gossip from watching reality tv. It's shameless gossip. They put their lives out there so I figure that's my permission to talk about it haha. Gossiping about private individuals is real messed up and no good for any parties involved. keep writing girl!

  3. Just found your blog so I'll check back.

  4. This post is so on point that I am Amen each sentence like I am sitting at church! Gossip is the root to all evil. I have a friend that has just gone through a life altering change due to Gossip. And it is by far one that should be one of the upmost deadliest sins.