Friday, January 1, 2010

What Did I Do In 2009?

Inspired by N.Steven...

  • Endured the WORST case of Senior-itis imaginable
  • ...but still graduated from college; getting my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology
  • Went through my first full year since going natural (hair, that is)
  • ...and I learned to cut my own bangs (Don't smirk, that's an accomplishment.)
  • Completed my first year as a Resident Assistant...working on the second.
  • Burned through over $450 on a birthday shopping spree over the course of a weekend
  • [Speaking of birthdays] I turned 24
  • Had a summer that consisted of writing, sleeping, and talking on the phone. Jealous?
  • Cried on a consistant basis...
  • ...because I fell deeper in Love with my best friend
  • ...whom I was seperated from for 8 agonizing months...
  • ...but we got back together; better and stronger than we were before. 
  • Survived my first semester of graduate school (and with exceptional grades might I add)
  • Messed up...had quite a few "almost's"...but still managed to drag my broken self back towards the Throne of Grace
  • Went caroling for the first time
  • Gained closure for all three of my previous relationships that ended in of which, I took by force)
  • Learned that God IS the God of Second Chances (and third, fourth, etc.)
  • Dance sporatically with friends sitting in a parking lot
  • Banned BET
  • Stood in the cold rain for/during a home football game for 7 hours. Yeah...never doing THAT again.
  • Had a grip of my family in VA with me at the same time (Yeah. Glorious Chaos...)
  • Performed poetry (with the best friend) a few times; including in front of a crowd of about 75 people. 
  • Bought almost 20 books...including Just Some Stuff I Wrote Down
  • Raised a virtual child online
  • Mourned the loss of a Legend
  • Saw a couple great theatre plays & went to The Concert that changed my life
  • Got lost in DC & NJ
  • Was involved in a technical love triangle...and witnessed the woeful formation of another
  • Got lost in beautiful, intimate moments
  • "Chased" a homeless bum to give him some food
  • Fell out of a moving car
  • Acquired a serious love jones for Phonte Coleman of Little Brother/The Foreign Exchange
  • Witnessed two of my closest girlfriends (one of which who swore she'd be a cat lady) fall in love
  • Starred in my first Hawt Sawse video (Sure, you have no idea who I'm talking watch it!)
  • Stole food from my campus' cafeteria for 2 1/2 months straight
  • Lost and found my necklace in over a foot of snow
  • Watched my mom learn to walk again
  • Acquired addictions to Bejeweled, Moe's Southern Hot Wings, and chocolate syrup :)


  1. Hotwings is NOT an addiction! It's a lifestyle choice, a way of life. Congrats on graduating college and Happy New Year!
    Joy and Peace to you. Stop by my blog!

  2. Sounds like you had an eventful 2009!!! Hope 2010 brings even better memories and moments and blessing :-)

  3. i am a sucker for Hot Wings. who are you telling?! ha.

    fell out of a moving car? ouch. what made you chase the homeless guy and give him food? a good heart, indeed.

    Congrats to the two of you on graduation and continued education. admired to the fullest.

    too funny @ banned BET.

  4. @ Mista Jaycee/EMH: Thanks for reading ya'll :) Yeah, ...hotwings is a food group. LOL

    @ Don: Whew. If you ever decide to visit us then that is the FIRST place we're taking you!! Those wings will change your life, man.
    Yeah. I fell out of a car. It actually led to a pretty intense fight between me and N.Steven,...but I chuckle looking back on it now. It definitely wasn't funny at the time, though.
    Thanks for the congrats! Pray for me/us for this next semester. The classes are gonna be tougher.

    Heehee. I caught myself while looking at Crooklyn yesterday and realized I was watching BET. ::shrugs::

  5. are my type of girl

    but God is amazing! He has definitely let me come back to Him so many times......i feel you on so much of this for real

  6. @ Young Lioness: Ditto for me (to you) sis :)
    Yes, God has me for life. The amount of grace I use up on a daily is quite ridiculous. lol.
    Hope your 2010 is going great so far :)

    Peace everyone!