Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So, I'm trying a new blog template out...
I'm sure you're used to the deep brown background that I love so much, but I thought I'd try to spruce the place up a bit. Hope your eyes aren't hurting too much. (smile)
Kudos to Blogger for finally stepping their game up, because I've spent a good bit of my blogging time on Tumblr. (gasp)

I'm feeling a bit reborn these days...going through the fire (metaphorically speaking) will do that to you. 


  1. Gud spirits is contagious! Glad u r okay :)

  2. I like it as well. Blogger definitely stepped it's game up. I might end up making the transition to a white background, eventually.

    Didn't know that you had a Tumblr. I checked out a few (couple months ago), and Tumblr definitely appears to be more of a quick and easy deal that would allow it to become very addicting.

  3. @ Champ/Harry: Thanks for reading!

    @ Don: Yep. Tumblr is really nice. Kind of a learning curve, but nice.