Thursday, February 14, 2008

Missing Love (Part Three...In Random Alphabetic Thought Form)

[What can I say?...He. is my favorite topic.]

a. The fact that he teaches me lessons daily is nothing short of ironic...

b. I never thought a love between two people could feel this way. And it's surprising how he manages to renew my incredulity. I can't believe all of this is happening to me. And in me. And above me.

c. Just when I think I've become well acquainted with his love, or love in general, I am shown another side of it. There is always more to learn. A deeper level to cultivate. A higher height to reach. And this love shows no signs of stopping.

d. I remember being in past relationships hearing a certain love song that reminded me of my significant other. But now, the melody I hear carries a unique tune. We are creating our own music.

e. I've never been so patient concerning the future before. In times past, I've prayed for God to speed time up, so that I may get to a certain level in a relationship that could match my emotional commitment. Now? I pray God slows time almost to a stand that I can love him at a snail's pace. (smile)

f. Where has all of my trust issues gone?

g. God has an odd sense of humor concerning romance, but He's shown me that the things He has in store for us supersedes anything we can conjure up ourselves. All we have to do is hand Him the pen...

h. I am annoyed sometimes that he takes such pleasure in doing thoughtful things for others. I didn't think a man my age like that even existed.

i. "How blessed am I to have fallen in love with my best friend?"

j. He is brilliant. I love to pick his brain, lean forward, and frustrates me that he struggles to comprehend math. (smile)

k. He doesn't know this...but the respect and honor he gives his parents convicts me concerning the relationship I have with my own.

l. Another thing he doesn't know: God is going to touch a whole generation through his words, hands, and heart.

m. I hope he never loses his "pudge"...honestly. Imperfections keep us humble, and his humility is what I love most about him.

n. It's cute that he doesn't know how attractive he is. Inside and out. And honestly, they run about even in amount...I mean, he is a sexy guy.

o. If I had to pick one thing about him that I love most, it'd be his Kind Heart. I thank his parents for that.

p. If I had my way, we'd be married by the end of 2010. We'd be broke, probably homeless (pushing our first book on the street corners), but deliriously happy.

r. The moment I KNEW that I loved him: I showed him my brand new Lauryn Hill mixtape, and he reacted the EXACT way that I did when I first saw it. Meanwhile, my current boyfriend stood looking confused.

s. The 1st week of Christmas Break was the best week of my life. He has no idea...

t. I appreciate the stints of time we spend a part.

u. I haven't written this much in my whole entire life. What does that mean?????

v. The question of Summer '07? What do you want, and how do you want it?

w. I admit it, when he called D**n* by my name on the phone, I was thrilled. Truth be told, she's not one of my favorite people. He knows why...

x. My Ultimate Present for Him: to get him onto that Def Poetry Jam stage...

y. I think we should try that LU Scavenger Hunt 1st date again, but this time: He's setting it up. (smile)

z. I still think he's the Emcee.


  1. "R" made me laugh. Really.

    Scavenger hunt? Really? That's a lot of trust (but also probably a lot of fun...)

  2. trust?

    mmm. i'm sure I covered that somewhere around "g"...

  3. After looking at this again, I think that I might have to "bite" you again. Meaning...whatever you think I mean.

    I shouldn't even be telling you this, as it goes against my usual plan of action.

    Whatever. Just know that it's coming.