Saturday, February 9, 2008

Prelude to "We Need A Love Song..." (Our Book)

Imagine for a moment:

A girl, slightly calloused by heartaches. Groomed by one disappointment too many, on the brink of settling for any guy with soft eyes and a decent vocabulary. She'd lost faith in "the love story" and the grandeur that came with it. Those things no longer existed in her mind. God apparently was disinterested with fairy tale endings...and her heart had went out on a limb for the last time...


A guy, equally unsympathetic towards "the happy ending", yet still possessed a deep-seeded longing for "more". His love life was permeated by possibilities. Teased in his previous friendships, he contemplated aborting the search completely; seeking to live an hedonistic lifestyle for a while. Unknowingly to him, however, God had a plan that involved four young women, three of which he knew of:

1. the first love
2. the fickle love
3. the maybe love

The fourth however, was not on his list. She was not in his plan. Neither was he in hers.

And God kept their eyes blind...

Allowing both the guy and the girl to continue to muse over their hidden desires and mourn over concealed wounds.

...meanwhile turning to a fresh, clean page. And He, the Author, began to scribe the climax of their love story...a love story that, at one time, existed as two...

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  1. Tee hee...rather dramatic, no? I'm gonna stick around here quite regularly to see what happens here.

    Heh heh heh...