Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Potential to Do What I Am Incapable of... (Interlude)

While walking from my afternoon class, I allowed my mind to wander. Immediately it drifted to the important decision that is being made concerning my future as an Residential Assistant [which is, if you don't know, a person who oversees the physical, social, and academic well-being of the students on a single floor in a dormitory]. After making it through three weeks of interviewing, tests, and various exercises, I have nothing left to do but wait.

And waiting is something that I've been girded for. I'm currently waiting on many things...Instead of examining the possibilities of each outcome, I chose to embrace an attitude. A pursuit. A goal that is not dependent upon a panel of people selecting or rejecting me for this important position. It will not rely on titles. And it is the only card that I have to play.
I decided that I want to affect. Influence. Disturb. Disrupt. Move. Shape. Change.I want to be a catalyst.
No matter what campus designation or leadership entitlement I have. Even if I have none at all. I will NOT allow that to gauge my drive to conjure revolution.

Recalling the bars of Manchild:

"I'd rather be washed up than watered down."

Mhmm. Exactly.
Now this isn't an attempt to psych myself out so that I won't be disappointed......just simply a declaration. From a small-town country girl who loves poetry and Hip-Hop.

Tomorrow's Doomsday. To Be Continued...

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  1. Hah. I like how you put that ManChild line in there. And it is so applicable.

    Here's another one that might hold true to your motive:

    "In the annals of rap, I want the dog-eared page."

    No matter what the outcome is, your mandate is to touch someone, effect someone's life, leave your fingerprint all over the place. In a world of darkness, where will a candlelight come from?