Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fly.To.Tha.Tee. (Smile)

This goes out to all you fashionistas...I actually wanted to be a designer in middle school. If you ever find yourselves in SC...look me up. Maybe we could look at some of my sketches over a nice pot of earl grey.


But, I do hate fashion conformity. Or apathy. I want to punch a baby (thanks Dane Cook) whenever I pass by a girl who looks like she got dressed in the dark. Call me materialistic. Or shallow. But, I'm one of the rare people who see fashion as an opportunity to make art. Walking art. you didn't know THAT about Spoken.Word, huh? Hey. It's almost 2009.

Thanks to Miss Stefanie for guiding me towards this cool website. Here's a pallet that I created myself...enjoy!

A Day in Paris by iamspokenword


  1. you have accomplished in further intriguing me.

    think you could hit me up with some tips and hints? my wardrobe is an accident-turned-luck...maybe it can be something to boast of, eh?


    by the way, i still plan on hookin you up with some pics when we get back to VA...lemme know what's good, ma...