Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I recently read an online review in the NY Times for TNT's newest television show: HawthoRNe. It began with: "TNT caters to difficult women." The review largely emphasizes the cliche' role of Jada Pinkett Smith's Christina Hawthorne. A stark contrast to Showtime's newest "Nurse Jackie", this show is mainly (according to the NY Times) "weighed down in the pursuit of worthIness".

I have watched this show since it debuted a few weeks ago, and I really enjoy it. It has the potential to be a one-lady show. A shining tribute to its main character, and even its star/executive producer: Jada Pinkett Smith. However, there are so many special things about this show that cannot be ignored.

1. The storyline.
Like most great tv dramas, the plot must be vast but short to explain. It must be gripping enough to make each show good, but not have the shows too connected, so that new viewers that arrive mid-season, or faithful ones that miss an episode, can still enjoy. I love that each episode has a special problem & issue to tackle. I guess I'm just a sucker for a good hospital drama.

2. The integrity of medicine.
This is where most hospital dramas get it wrong. I'm not saying that you must confuse the average person with medicinal/pharmacological jargon the entire episode, but most of the audience will be able to concur if this show isnt committing technical malpractice. It makes a difference.

3. Mostly wholesome & positive messages.
I couldn't get into "Gray's Anatomy". I like my occasional steamy, soap-operalike entertainment as much as the next person. But I can watch MTV's Real World for that. Or One Tree Hill. It seems people don't want positivity on TV as much as we'd like to have it in reality. I believe Art imitates life, and I would NOT want to depend on a medical staff that continuously sneaks off to the supply closet to have a quickie (See "Scrubs" That show IS hilarious, though.).

4. Great acting by new faces.
I love the acting in this show. Especially the young, black, homeless woman who's now working in the hospital (tiny spoiler if you're new to the show). Jada's character is only as good as her supporting actors, and the show is perfectly well balanced. Though there are a couple one-dimension characters that are in need of attention, I am confident that the show's writers will see to it.

5. Better portrayal of black women.
Call it overdone or cliche if you want, but this can never be overdone. People said that about The Cosby Show, too. (Some blacks may not like it, because her deceased husband was white. )If you want sorrid, gritty depictions of the usual stereotype, watch Comedy Central.


  1. You know I have to admit, I've never been a fan of Jada Pinkett Smith. Nothing about her acting has ever impressed me. (not even during the different world days) Having said that You make some very valid points specifically Number 5 and 4 (although i did have the same thought about Grey's so i'll add 3 on to that list. I don't understand how that hospital isn't sued daily that show annoys me) so for those reasons (deep sigh...) I GUESS I'll be tuning in tonight ;-) (i think it comes on tonight. )


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