Thursday, June 25, 2009

And One Thing Will Lead to Another...

God help me...It just dawned on me that the summer is half-way over.
Meaning August is fast approaching.
Which is when he and I will return to Liberty for our first year of graduate school...where we will be in the same classes, roll in the same circles, and see each other quite often.
He may have a car this year, so there will probably be more opportunities to hang out alone.
Meaning that we will have more adventures together.
We'll share more inside jokes and discover newness everyday.
And he will make me laugh until tears and will grow closer to my heart.
We will write more & perform poetry together...and talk about writing our book.
Meaning that we will begin to do the things that we've always pictured ourselves doing...together.
And I will grow up next to him.
Meaning that I will focus my heart on no one but him. The smiles and eyes of others will become eternally dead to me.
My hopes will fly higher. My love for him will mature and grow more stubborn.
And one thing will lead to another...
And it will be harder to let him go, if I ever have to...

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