Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gay Rights vs. Civil Rights Movement

It confuses me when advocates of Gay Rights try and use the credibility of the Civil Rights Movement. The mistreatment of Blacks for centuries still continues to be a sore spot for citizens in America; as well it should be. However, the struggle for Gays (I.e. currently with Prop 8) is completely different.
I will sadly admit that Gays undergo severe scrutiny and prejudice. A blog I frequent expressed that the Rodney King beating and the Matthew Shepard beating are both hate crimes. I whole-heartedly agree. However, there are many other types of people that recieve horrible mistreatment because of one thing or the other (I.e. the obese). A hate crime is a hate crime. But staying on topic, Gays did not have to fight for voting rights, or educational rights. No one has ever denied them the right to read or pee in a clean bathroom with heterosexuals.
I would never compare Slavery to the Holocaust; referencing it to make Slavery seem more horrendous. It is irrelevant and disrespectful. So, as a Black woman, I would respectfully appreciate it if those advocating for Gay Rights would cease using my history as a way to bend the arms and pull on the heart strings of the citizens of this country.
I symphatize, but I do not agree. My allegiance is not automatically applied because we may or may not face the same enemy.

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