Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Thoughts about Hip Hop.

Call me a hard-core Hip Hop preservationist, because the music is still precious to me. I have a standard for Hip Hop because I know what she can do in the right hands. Those with artistic integrity are swept underneath the rug, while the legions of gimmicky acts make all of the money. And those who well manipulate the industry are dubbed as legendary; their fans quoting lyrics that enslave rather than emancipate the mind.

...but they can keep their money. The gimmicks can keep their radio play and their ringtone royalties. Because in 20 years, no one will remember them. Never earning a column in Hip Hop's history book. Let them have their temporary fame, because real Hip Hop will always stand the test of time. It's original voice/message transcends from one generation to the next; weighted on the shoulders of chosen Renaissance men/women. Listener and Emcee alike...we all have a part to play.

And I, for one, intend on passing on the tradition.


  1. well well said.

    really nice blog! check out mine

  2. i know this is totally unrelated but i didn't get the pic the first time I saw it. lol! pretty funny!

  3. you talking about gimmicky acts made me think of a Gangstarr line from "Mass Appeal"

    "...I don't need gimmicks/just give me a fly beat and I'm all in it"