Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness.

I love the irony in this picture.

People will spend millions of dollars this year on self-help rituals, religious/spiritual aides, psychic/astrology resources, and psychiatric care trying to figure out "the secret of happiness".

It's a path we are all on; collectively. Together. Stumbling around and bumping into each other.
Every one of us; searching.
Whenever a claim towards the answer is found, the new insight is shared.
Duplicated and sold to the masses.
Many follow the trend. Many rebel/ or scoff at the newest fad.
[Whether it be a New Age religion, Prosperity Gospel, or a "Yes I Can!" seminar]
And those left on the path continue to search.
Religious and Non-religious alike.
Democrat and Republican.
Black and White.
We all have the same pursuit.

Isn't that funny?

1 comment:

  1. this really spoke to me. the picture is amazing.

    its funny how we the older we grow we find more reasons to distinguish ourselves from others.

    think about a child when they are young. they will play with any other child regardless of race or sex, unless taught otherwise.

    after all the kids have the commonality that they just want to be happy. the same commonality people forget that we share.

    people are doomed if they look at happiness as a destination. its all around, we just need to find the raw joy on what we have, which is each other.