Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm experiencing an itch
on that part of my back that I can't reach...

I'm especially affectionate at the moment.
I want to snuggle next to another's mind.
Lay naked next to someone's thoughts that are just as bare.
However, I'm not afforded this luxury.
Taking deep breaths,
I remember that I cannot be led by it.
Though I could intentionally seek out a man of whom to spend all of this pent up emotional energy on... would be unfair.
An injustice committed to all involved.

...because none of them...are him.
The him that I really want.
The mind that I desire.
The warmth that I miss.


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  2. Wow! I honestly know the muse that touched you in this piece! Fine writing! I loved this! Truly loved it!